Acreage Pharms is a licensed producer of medical cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). Acreage Pharms Ltd. is Canadian owned and operated and received their license to cultivate on March 29, 2017.

Based out of west-central Alberta, Acreage Pharms is ready to support the cannabis industry and its community with a safe product that is well-researched, lab-tested, and distributed through regulated channels.

Acreage Pharms Ltd. has a newly built, state-of-the-art purpose built 6,800 square foot production facility on 150 acres of convertible land, The 150 acres of land represents a property that is fully-convertible for cannabis production. The facility’s next phase of expansion includes a floor plate of 30,000 square feet with an option to add a 20,000 square feet mezzanine level.

Acreage Pharms is a member of Invictus MD, a platform of licensed producers dedicated to providing high-quality, regulated pharma-grade cannabis for medical and adult use.

VANCOUVER, March 26, 2018 /CNW/ – INVICTUS MD STRATEGIES CORP. (“Invictus” or the “Company”) (TSXV: GENE; OTC: IVITF; FRA: 8IS1) is pleased to announce that Acreage Pharms has undergone its physical on site sales license inspection. Health Canada officials are now completing their report. Given Acreage Pharms’ strong commitment to closely adhering to regulatory guidelines and requirements, the company remains confident it will pass this important regulatory step and gains its sales license.

As Health Canada officials review the inspection report, Acreage Pharms is installing cooling and environmental systems throughout its Phase 2 facility, which will have 39,600 square feet for cannabis production. The company anticipates having its first five grow rooms ready for cannabis production within a week. In addition, the security system for all of Phase 2 is now being installed and should be completed by the first week of April.

Finally, land dedicated for Acreage Pharms’ Phase 3 facility is now being cleared in preparation for construction. The building of the road to the future Phase 3 site is also underway.

Phases 1 and 2 represent 40,000 square feet of growing space, and Phase 3 will add another 80,000 square feet to Acreage Pharms’ canopy.

About Invictus

Invictus operates cannabis companies in Canada with the vision of producing a variety of high quality and low cost cannabis products and strains to the global market place as regulations permit. Gene Simmons, music legend and media mogul, conveys the vision of Invictus as the Chief Evangelist Officer.

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